Mozilla Launches Firefox OS Simulator 1.0

Mozilla releases an update for firefox os simulator 1.0

Mozilla announced on its blog the release of the Firefox OS Simulator version 1.0 and introduced the per-window private browsing in the Firefox Nightly channel.

The Firefox OS simulator lets you play with the upcoming mobile phones OS from Mozilla through a simple firefox add-on. Actually, it was launched last month but now, it has come up with an update which is basically a bug fixer. According to Mozilla, the major benifit is for the linux users as it will now support many more linux OS and thus, allows more users to test it and developers to report a bug or a problem.

The problem is that still Mozilla is keeping up that ‘Preview’ status on the Simulator for now, as both the product, the add-on and the Firefox OS are on the early stages. You can try this Firefox OS from Mozilla on your Firefox browser by downloading the simulator add-on from here. You can even try out the Simulator here.

After downloading, just select the ‘Firefox OS Simulator’ from the web developer menu (You can get it by going through Tools >> Web Developer >> Firefox OS Simulator) and then click the start button which is situated on the left side. A new separate application will pop up and the OS will start to boot.

If you are stuck in the process or face any problem, for that case, Mozilla has also released a video for the help.


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