Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

Android Camera does sounds weird. But Samsung launched a camera working on andorid, Samsung Galaxy Camera and became the first company to launch a Samsung Galaxy Camera.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy Camera is a point and shoot camera which has 21x zoom and it runs on Android Jelly Bean Operating System. Samsung Galaxy Camera features Wi-Fi, GPS and also has 3G capabilities to share the photos from anywhere to anywhere.

The device is mainly for the internet users of social media addict like Instagrammer, Facebooker or Twitterer as it has an ability to share the photo as soon as it is clicked though it can be used by everyone. There is no problem to the camera if you don’t want to share the photo.



Samsung Galaxy Camera - Touchscreen Screenshot

The Samsung Galaxy Camera sports a 4.16 inch touchscreen at the back side and a lens at the front side. Yes, it’s layout is same like a normal camera.



The Samsung Galaxy Camera feels big. Whichever device you think, a point and shoot camera or a big smartphone or a phablet, it feels bigger than that all. But, going further, the touchscreen is good and its easy to work with it as it runs on Android OS, the apps works well so whatever you want to do like sharing a photo with Instagram or do basic photo editing with the apps, all works well.

The Best of Galaxy Camera

The camera is fully featured and that too connect to internet, what else do you want?

The Bad

Some apps are not optimized to work flawless on the Galaxy Camera and the tragic part is that they are not going to be optimized (atleast not sooner)

Another thing is that the camera is expensive. Yes, $500 + the use is also going to pay for the data plan too. Yes, this is also true that the camera quality is good than the other camera and also takes photos better than the others. Battery life is better and can last upto three days with single charge.

Samsung Galaxy Camera (Features & Quick Specs)

• Price: $500 (AT&T) $550 (Verizon)
• Sensor: 16-megapixel, 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS
• Internal storage: 8GB
• Max ISO: 3200
• Video: 1920 x 1080 30 and 1280 x 720 60/30
• Screen: 1280 x 720, 2.34 x 4.16-inch LCD
• Weight: 11 ounces w/o battery
• Ratings: 3

What you think? Going to buy the Samsung galaxy camera or not? Tell us.


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