Silencify – Apple’s Do Not Disturb Like Functionality In Android

When iOS 6 was launched by Apple, the one of the best feature it included was ‘Do Not Disturb’ function. When a users turns this feature On, it silences all the notification of the device, including the notifications of the applications. This feature is only available by Apple in iOS 6.

There is no such feature available in android or no mobile manufacturer tried to provide such feature.There are many apps available in the android play store which can enable this desired feature on your Android mobile. But, a new app arrived with such functionality for free. Silencify lets you create smart rules for this smart functionality.

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It not only lets you silence your phone according to set schedule, but it’ll also turnoff auto syncing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when scheduled silence is on to save battery life.

Silencify Android App Brings DND for Android

Key Features of Silencify

  •  Schedule Phone Silence
  •  Turn off Sync, Bluetooth and Wi-fi as scheduled silence is ON
  •  Improves Battery Life.
  •  Switch in preferences for “Master Silence”
  •  ”Always Accept” list of contacts/phone numbers to ring the phone even in silence profile.
  •  ”Always Reject” list of contacts/phone numbers to always silence.
  •  Backup of application data.

Silencify lets users create rules according to their needs and location. Also, you can configure it to read your calendar notes to switch your Android device to silent mode based on it.

Download Silencify from the play store for free.



  1. Jeet,

    I’m the developer of this app. thanks a ton for using my app and writing about it. Just to update all users/readers, On input from one of my app user, I have updated the app to have emergency calling feature. That is if certain number calls X number of times in Y minutes it will ring.

    Hope you all give it try, and thanks to all who already downloaded it.


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