Apple iWatch Set To Launch In October 2014

The iWatch rumor mill has grown over the past month, but the latest report might be the most exciting till date. According to C Technology, inside sources say that Apple’s smartwatch will be revealed alongside the next iPhone in October 2014.

Apple iWatch Concept (Prototype)

The report also claims that Apple is making good progress with its wearable prototypes, which currently features 100 mAh batteries. It also feature the ability to charge wirelessly from a range of around one meter away from the charging station. The battery seems small in its current state, especially considering the 315 mAh battery in the Galaxy Gear. But, this is only a prototype, and the battery will likely see an increase in size in the final model. That said, despite the larger battery of the Galaxy Gear, plugging the Gear into its charging cradle is difficult, so the wireless charging capabilities of the iWatch will be a good change.




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