Xiaomi is working on its own chips for high-end smartphones

Major smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei are building their own smartphone chips. And now, as per the reports, Xiaomi is also working on its own chips, which will power its future flagship phones.

With such move, it seems that the company is aiming to be named as one of the top-tier smartphone company. It will also make it stand apart from a slew of smartphone makers, who are dependent on the chip makers for their devices.

As per the available information, the chip is currently known as “Pinecone”, and will be launch “within a month”. With such timeline, we are expecting to see this new processor to be powering company’s upcoming flagship smartphone — Xiaomi Mi 6.

If the company is sticking to its yearly release cycle, then the Mi 6 smartphone should be around the corner as the Mi series flagship phones are launched in March.

Currently, Qualcomm is dominating the high-end mobile processors market. Every smartphone manufacturer has to rely on Qualcomm for the high-end chips, other than Samsung and Huawei, which makes their own.

However, the problem arises when Qualcomm falls short. For instance, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 was not as per the expectations, as it generated more heat for devices. In such situations, OEMs have no other door to knock.

Considering the SD 810’s problems, Samsung ditched it and instead used its own Exynos-series processor, which made Galaxy S6 one of the best performing device of that year. So, considering those things, Xiaomi’s decision to make their own chips makes sense.

It certainly is a bold move from the company as it will have to focus and divert its resources towards chipset manufacturing — one of the most crucial component of a smartphone, at a time when it is loosing market share.

While Xiaomi has been struggling to establish its presence in the smartphone market in west, it generated a lot of buzz with Mi Mix smartphone. However, it has slipped to the fifth place in its own country and has recently lost its head of international expansion — Hugo Barra. So, it will be interesting to see the company’s moves going forward.

Since Xiaomi will not be there at Mobile World Congress this year, the launch of the Mi 6 and the reported chipset, will be announced at a separatee launch event. Hopefully within a month.

So, what do you think about this move from Xiaomi?


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