Everything you need to know about NFC

With the feature of NFC being added to most of the smartphone launching now, you might be not knowing much about it, or probably nothing. So, here is the article covering all about NFC.

NFC Logo

NFC means Near Field Communication. Present applications include transactions, data exchange and simplified setup of complex communications like Wi-Fi.

It is a short range wireless technology requiring distance of 4 cm or less. It operates at 12.56 MHz and rates ranging from 106 kbit/s to 424 kbit/s. NFC Covers communications protocol sand data exchange formats and are based on RFID standards including ISO/IEC 14443, FeliCa.

It can also be used in contactless payment systems, similar to credit cards, and mobile payment to replace these systems. Many countires like Germany, Austria, Latvia, Italy have NFC ticketing system for public transport. China is using it for public bus transport all over the country while India is going to implement it for box office ticket transactions.

It also allows a low-speed connection with a very easy setup and can bootstrap more capable wireless connections. It can replace pairing setup of establishing bluetooth connection. Even it can share contacts, photos, videos or files and multiplayer mobile games in Social Networks.


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