Apple iPhone 5 Unveiled

Everybody’s eyes were on the Apple’s event on 12th September. Everybody was expecting the announcement of iPhone 5 and that is what happened. Apple announced the next iPhone ‘iPhone 5’. The iPhone 5 fulfilled many of the expectations laid out by gadget geeks and technology analysts ahead of its Wednesday unveiling.

The phone has 4 inch retina display screen and 1136 x640 pixels screen resolution and can surf with high speed Global 4G LTE network and also has  ‘ultrafast’ wireless with 5GHz 802.11n. It comes with Apple’s newest “A6” processor, which executives said runs twice as fast as ‘A5’. It will have three microphones — enhancing built-in voice assistant Siri — and an 8 megapixel camera that can take panoramic views. Beyond hardware, it will come with its new OS iOS6.

The iPhone 5 will be shipped with the new earphones called ‘EarPods’ which has improved voice clarity and can be adjustable to multiple ears. Apple has done away with the connectors used on previous devices and replaced them with a smaller and more efficient ‘Lightning’ connector.

It ships from September 21 in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Britain. It will hit 100 countries by year’s end in the fastest international rollout for an iPhone so far.

The apps which were working fine on the earlier iPhones will now show black strips as they will not adjust to the screen resolution. So, there will be special apps for the iPhone 5 for using in full screen mode.

Yes, the product has interesting features but it lags ‘wow’ factor.



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