5 things we wish OnePlus’ latest flagship OnePlus 5 had

Yesterday, OnePlus took the wraps off its latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 5. The phone comes with high-end specifications and some pretty good features.

For instance, the smartphone packs a massive 8GB RAM, making it one of the very few devices to have such high memory. Also, the company tried to improve camera performance. For this, it opted for a dual camera setup.

With a promise of high performance and lower price tag, the company has managed to make its way to compete against the likes of Apple and Samsung.

OnePlus competes with premium smartphones from other companies which are priced almost double to what OnePlus charges for its flagship smartphone.

While OnePlus 5 has got many things right, there are still few things that we wish company included in this model. Here are the five such features.

Distinct Design

OnePlus made its mark in the over crowded smartphone market with its first ever smartphone launch. Along with the promise of “flagship killer”, the phone’s unique design also played a major role.

With every new smartphone launch, the company is lacking behind in terms of design innovation. While the 3 and 3T resembled the HTC’s flagship smartphone, this time, its Apple.

The newly launched OnePlus 5 looks almost similar to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. And not just the body design, OnePlus even opted for the same spots to place various modules such as camera, flash, etc.

This doesn’t mean that the phone doesn’t look good. Its goods gorgeous. But, Apple deserves more credit for it than OnePlus.

Water & Dust Resistance

While this isn’t a deal breaker for many, but may be for some. Most smartphone companies, including Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC are opting for water and dust resistance feature for their smartphones, the trend which was started by Sony.

And not just for the flagship smartphones that charges premium prices, the companies are now expanding the feature to mid-segment smartphones also. In the coming year or a few months, we can also have this feature in many budget smartphones also.

Going by this, it seems that OnePlus has taken a step back by not offering water and dust resistance feature in its new OnePlus 5 smartphone.

Better Camera

Camera was the primary focus of the OnePlus for this new flagship device. While the company has tried hard, it still is not what we expected.

The OnePlus 5 carries a dual camera setup at the back — a 16MP primary lens along with a 20MP secondary lens. The 16 MP sensor features f/1.7 aperture, whereas the 20-MP lens is the telephoto lens.

However, the camera is a hit and miss. Reviews suggests that when the camera works, it produces pretty great photos, but when it doesn’t, the phone appears much artificial. Sometimes, the blur amount is much more than require, while sometimes there is no blur effect at all.

Further, the phone also lacks the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). However, the camera has EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) for recording stable videos, that too, for the 16MP lens only.

Better Display

The Samsung Galaxy S8 — its flagship smartphone features an edge-to-edge display. The upcoming iPhone is rumored to come with an edge-to-edge like display.

This clearly means that the further is edge-to-edge display. More screen-to-body ratio on the front. But, OnePlus 5, the “flagship killer” smartphone, lacks edge-to-edge display.

To be fair, in a “Making OnePlus 5” video by The Verge, OnePlus explained that why it was not possible for them to offer edge-to-edge type display, even though they wanted to.

But, the company could have offered a Quad HD display. Every Android flagship smartphone now ships with the QHD display with more pixels.

Instead, the phone is stuck with a FHD display, which is now available on budget smartphones also. While the display on the OnePlus 5 is not bad, we were expecting OnePlus to move ahead and offer newer technology.

Bigger Battery

The OnePlus 3T, launched last year, featured a 3400mAh battery. This year’s flagship device — OnePlus 5, comes with a 3300mAh battery.

The OnePlus 5 is a very powerful phone, and so we think it needs a bigger battery. Yes, the Snapdragon 835 has better power management, but it wouldn’t hurt to have more power capacity.

We are not talking about a massive 6000mAh battery, but something like 3800mAh or 4000mAh would have been much better.



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